Our services include:

  • design and implementation of complete power systems to suit your situation and total energy requirements, including air conditioning, water heating, refrigeration and water pumping. 
  • general energy auditing
  • systems/appliances advice for better energy efficiency 
  • solar passive and thermal rating building design advice.

About Us

Our focus is on design, customer satisfaction, education and value.

The Natural Grid's most important asset is personal experience – Founder, Quentin Bligh has lived off-grid for nearly twenty years and has also had years of experience in:

  • installing and designing solar-based power delivery systems, both fixed and portable. 
  • the various technology and product manufacturer choices as they have come to market
  • general building, environmental management and agriculture 
  • off-grid living issues
  • energy efficiency systems design
  • siting and orientation of buildings for maximum solar PV technology efficiency.

The Natural Grid
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