Our services include design and implementaion of systems with full consideration of your situation and energy requirements, including air conditioning, water heating, refrigeration and water pumping.

We can also provide general energy auditing and systems/appliances advice directed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy usage, as well as help with solar passive and thermal rating building design.

About Us

The Natural Grid's unique business offering is personal experience – Founder, Quentin Bligh has lived off-grid for nearly twenty years and has also had years of experience installing and designing solar-based power delivery systems, both fixed and portable. In the process he has acquired a thorough understanding of the various technology and product manufacturer choices as they have come to market. As well as actually living off-grid and with portable power systems, Quentin has plentiful general building, environmental management and agricultural experience. His focus is on design, customer satisfaction, education and value.

His experience has provided a unique insight into off-grid living issues and a depth of knowledge in energy efficiency design for architecure as well as landscape; identifying the siting and orientation options to enable buildings to make the best use of solar PV technology.

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