Less expensive than grid connection

Save With Off-Grid

We provide an alternative to expensive grid connections, with their increasingly high ongoing metered power costs. 

We audit your power use and tailor your off grid power system design accordingly, with full return on investment and cost of ownership comparisons. 

Tailored off grid power systems

We use quality technology, not confined to a few particular brands but selected for best value and fit to your individual situation. 

High Quality Technology

We provide you with price/quality options for critical elements of the system during the design process, so you have control of the solution we provide.

You have control of the solution

We supply off-grid power system solutions of all sizes, from small to large – full capacity systems designed specifically for your individual situation.

Solutions of all sizes

The Natural Grid
Independent Solar Solutions
Stand-Alone & Grid Hybrid Solar Power

No job too big. No job too small.