Installing an augmented grid (grid-hybrid) system saves power costs and provides reliable back-up power to increase self-reliance for your home or business.

Upgrade your grid connection with an alternative/hybrid system:

  • Fully capable installation with no need for transformer or line upgrades on existing connections
  • Use of the existing grid to reduce battery size requirements
  • Eliminate the need for a backup generator
  • Cheaper than the grid and with various other advantages

Augmented Grid Option

  • We can add supplementary power from solar and batteries to your existing single phase grid supply. 
  • Three synchronised battery inverters can provide industrial quantities of power.
  • The extra power produced can supply all kinds of businesses, from a brewery to the best equipped wood-working facility.

Three Phase Power

We can supply three-phase power to rural locations at lower cost than the grid supply.

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Stand-Alone & Grid Hybrid Solar Power

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