Camping Portability.

Small portable all-in-one lithium battery camping solutions. 

  • Tailored to your requirements – as large or as small as your needs.
  • This custom system can supply the power needs for a 70L DC fridge/freezer plus a 300W inverter with 700W peak. 
  • Fully Managed EV power,100Amp hours lithium battery weighs only 12.6kg with convenient state-of-charge display
  • Bluetooth connectivity for battery, solar panel and inverter
  • Whole system accessibility via a comprehensive app
  • USB charge ports and DC power extension leads included. 

We also supply efficient fridge options and portable LED lighting products.

Solving mobile power demands with efficient design and quality products, we provide portable power packs, large or small, for commercial or recreational use, including on building sites and for camping.

Portable Power

Temporary Site Power

Heavy duty, portable all-in-one lithium battery site power solutions. 

  • Tailored to your requirements – an be trailer mounted or separated.
  • Supplies the power needs for a full construction team 
  • Gets rid of the noisy generator
  • Australian made inverter with 3000W continuous output and with a 9000W peak
  • Enough Power for the most demanding portable tools including large drop saws, 9” grinders and welding
  • 1000W of solar will keep most days generator free but a small 1500W generator can be used for topping it up when needed. Auto start generator options are available.
  • The fully managed, 100Ah (2500kWh) 27kg EV Power lithium battery pack has a convenient and simple state of charge display.
  • All manageable with a two-person lift.
  • Hire arrangements are available by negotiation.

We also supply efficient fridge options and portable LED lighting products.

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Stand-Alone & Grid Hybrid Solar Power

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