Client Comments

'We are the happy owner of the 5KW ? Hybrid System designed, installed and commissioned by The Natural Grid.
In a industry dominated by many contractors that can only deal with standard installations and adopt a unhelpful formulaic approach it was a pleasure to work with The Natural Grid.

For the following key reasons we highly recommend The Natural Grid:

  • Quentin is a perfectionist, we wanted a neat architectural look and that’s what we got.
  • The whole of house approach also helped us refine our system and usage.
  • Attention to every detail with the structural and electrical work.
  • Well informed of the emerging technology and eager to adapt accordingly.
  • Lot’s of patience explaining the various options and recommendation.'

The brief for this site was the provision of a power supply solution more reliable and less expensive than a grid connection. Working from home, the owners had been losing valuable productivity due to frequent power outages in the Margaret River grid supply. The solution, for this three-phase system was a Fronius 5kW hybrid inverter, and 11.5kWh of BYD batteries.

This DC coupled battery system is capable of providing emergency power directly from the sun and batteries when the grid goes down. Over its lifetime this system will continue to provide power at a cheaper unit cost than the grid as well as providing the significant cost benefit of uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Household backup power with overnight self-consumption of solar PV generated power.

Backup Power, Margaret River

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