These two houses are now essentially off grid, but still receiving an income from the grid.

'Hi Quentin, I wanted to let you know Bob and I are very happy with the products and the service you provided. Our last Synergy bill received yesterday was in credit $172.00!

The hours you and Ian spent working on our job are greatly appreciated. Your attention to detail in designing the system and the time you spent explaining how it works. We are really pleased that the infrastructure is low key, yet does the job very well. This was no easy job with many problems to overcome yet you persisted until solutions were found and provided a choice of prices and products that suited our needs and budget.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and dedication to helping us achieve a lifestyle that is far more affordable and in line with our desire to live in a more sustainable way.'

Client Comments

This system is a cost-effective upgrade to the grid. The site had a new second dwelling under construction. Its power needs would have required a Western Power transformer and an internal line to the site upgrade at cost of more than $25,000.

For not much more than that a single complete off-grid system this augmented grid system was installed to power both dwellings. Backup charging via a separate grid-powered lithium-specific charger replaces for the need for a generator. Upgrading the existing small, grid connected solar system, which covers the Western Power annual connection fees and any power used, was not an option with the existing transformer.

The set-up consists of :

  • Victron system at the core as a high quality, but within budget solution. 
  • Fronius AC coupled solar on the new dwelling
  • DC coupled solar on the existing dwelling to a total of 9.9kW of solar
  • A 10.4kWh battery bank to supply overnight power only, topped up when needed – a cost-effective way of reducing capital outlay on batteries 
  • Web and app monitoring from anywhere in the world for both dwellings

We provided advice on a range of product options (to source

direct from third party suppliers) for cost effective water heating solutions with a heat pump as well as other electrical efficiency upgrades to household appliances.

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